G Group

G Group is an improv techno ensemble formed in September 2013. Our performances consist of improvisation on custom made digital instruments along with live animation.

Our current set is called Pattern/Anti-pattern. In Pattern, rhythmic, melodic and timbral material is organized as a progression of eleven sections of increasing intensity. In Anti-pattern this same material is made available to the performers in a randomized way that challenges the group to create musical meaning as a unit. A custom-coded virtual modular synthesis environment drives the music making.

G Group performances employ a point-source speaker array. Based on designs pioneered by the Stanford and Princeton laptop orchestras, these speakers serve several purposes. They allow electronic music to be performed effectively in formal concert halls, placing performers and audience in the same acoustic space and activating the reverberant characteristics of the room. They give each performer a clearer sense of their own place in the mix and allows the group to create its own balance. They also provide the audience an association between performer activity with the sound produced.

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