Operations 4, digital c print, unique, 42x42 in, 2013.

Operations 5, digital c print, unique, 49x28 in, 2013.

The Operations series is derived from the audiovisual performance of the same name.

The starting point for this piece is the programming of traditional drum machine grid patterns, a type of musical score. The master grid is projected on the screen as a visual representation of the currently playing pattern. However, this pattern is never static, as on a traditional drum machine, but can be continually and seamlessly altered via the mixer.

This projected grid is then subjected to a series of visual transformations, some automated and synchronized to the beat of the audio program, some as a consequence of performer control. The resultant images accumulate on the screen, creating a series of paintings that depict the virtual space of the drum pattern through time.

Using a different technique from the live animation system, but employing the same underlying engine, I generated a series of ten digital c prints from the video stream.

Operations has been exhibited at Pentimento Gallery, Toronto Image Works, and the Queen West Art Crawl.

Operations is Project #473 at Cycling 74.

printed 2013