Web Development

I have over twenty years of programming experience, including over fifteen years of working with internet technologies, both front and back end. I have over ten years of LAMP development and extensive object-oriented experience in PHP. I have over twenty years of experience creating and maintaining relational databases, the last ten with MySQL.

My modern web skills include jQuery, mobile and responsive web development, JSON, Drupal, Bootstrap, and Chrome and Safari development tools. This site is created with Drupal, Bootstrap and MySQL.

As a systems administrator I have dealt with security protocols and setting up server and database installations as well as cron scripting and data backups.

I have hand-coded CMS frameworks and written HTML parsers from scratch. My most notable internet programming gig was at Alexa Internet/Internet Archive, where as Crawl Engineer I ran systems that filled and indexed what was then one of the largest caches of web pages in the world.